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Peduli Sesama Philanthropic Work is a dedicated organization under the Aura Sukma Insani Foundation. With a humanitarian concept to help those in need to improve their quality of life, donations are given, but a lot of the work involves the Team of Balinese staff, who are culturally sensitive, reorienting the mindset of parents and people in general through education. In this way the foundation is focusing on a sustainable effort, empowering individuals and communities to realize their own potential and futures.

Vision : To stimulate and empower people in need for a better life through the motto "We care, we share".

Mission :

  1. Observe and assess what and how people in need can be helped most and organize possible resources.
  2. Organize the communicate with, sponsors, donors and volunteers to participate in a way that they can help most effectively.
  3. Educate and empower those in need with a goal of realizing potential and economic independency.