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While many families are able to manage their children's basic primary education, as the children graduate (approximately 12 years old) and need to move on to secondary school (junior and senior high school), schooling and the costs associated become prohibitive for some families. Dedicated students who want to continue to a higher level of school have limited opportunity to reach their dream because there may be no schools nearby their villages and the parents are unable to afford the costs such as increased fees and supplies or a rooming house in "town" or near a school.

The Learning Centre doubles as a boarding house for approximately 30-40 students every year. Hence, they are affectionately know as "The Boarders". With basic sleeping and locker facility, they are able to stay, eat, and attend nearby schools. The Boarders care for the facility and are taught many life skills to help prepare them for their futures. They are a great group of young people and support is always needed as we can all imagine the needs and costs of helping 30 or 40 growing teenagers!