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As any visitor to the foundation can see, the core is educational services and much of it springs from the Learning Centre that was first built in 2004 and added to in 2007. The Learning Centre is a truly multi-functional building.

After School and Sunday Free Learning Program

Students from the surrounding community come primarily for English classes, but computer, dancing, and other programs are also offered when possible. Art? Music? Drop us a line and bring your skills and talent to one of our programs!

For the students who are unable to access our programs due to distance and lack of funds for transport, we have a free pick-up and drop-off service for after school and Sunday Programs.

Aura Sukma Insani Bilingual Kindergarten

This unique bilingual kindergarten started with 12 students and a dream to help fund the operational costs of the foundation while at the same time develop as an educational beacon for the area. Now with full registration and a unique bilingual program, the kindy serves as a host for academic and non-academic volunteers and researches, as well as model for local teachers and university students training to become teachers.

Sukma Insani Bilingual Kindergarten welcomes and provides programming for a limited number of special needs students. This is a growing area of urgency in Bali and with almost no services nor options available, we are trying our best to develop programs and services. Expertise is greatly needed if any special needs/education professionals have time to spare for teaching and particularly training teachers and staff.

Parents and the community are fully aware and supportive that the fees from the kindergarten help to fund social work and directly benefits the community. As well as being a fantastic learning environment, Sukma Insani Bilingual Kindergarten is now widely considered one of the top kindergartens in North Bali.



 To address the crucial need of the high school graduates who are from less fortunate families, in 2010 we started a One Year Vocational Training called Tourism and Home Assistant Program (THAP) at our foundation. Like anywhere in the world, young people in Bali without additional skills are finding it hard to compete for jobs or get decent work. We found that most of the high school graduates have not enough skills and are only eligible for very limited and low standard jobs with very poor salaries. From this discovery, our foundation created THAP (Tourism and Home Assistant Program) to address this growing concern in order to prepare the graduates with comparative and competitive skills.


Primarily using English as the medium of instruction, this one year program focuses on the tourism and hospitality industries and gives students training to be able to compete for jobs. It consists of 9 months of classes located in our Function Centre, and 3 to 6 months of job training – mostly at hotels, restaurants, or tourism industries:

  • The first intake in 2010/2011 was 12 students.
  • The second intake in 2011/2012 was 19 students
  • The third intake in 2012/2013 was 26 students  
  • The fourth intake in 2013/2014 was 28 students who have just graduated on the 13th June 2014.

All graduates have successfully employed - some of them in stars hotel in Kuta, Nusa Dua, Lovina etc and some of them work at villas, hotels, restaurants and other tourist service.

  • The fifth intake in 2014/2015 we enrolled 35 students and they are on the job training in some hotels/restaurants in Nusa Dua, Sanur, Ubud, Denpasar, Lovina, etc.
  • We are about preparing the sixth intake that will be started at the beginning of July 2015.


With your support, we proudly say that we are optimistic to lead the graduates to have a better quality of life in which they are expected help their family financially after finding a good job. Helping one student means to help the whole family.


For the expenses spent on the entire program, we apply a Tuition Subsidy System that will be a beneficial effort to keep the course going continuously in a long term. Through collaborative efforts we will succeed by increasing individual and institutional effectiveness; and by earning the respect and trust of those who govern us, support us, and do business with us. The collaboration will involve “Three Parties” between the foundation, sponsors and the students. The foundation and sponsors will prepare the expenses needed in advance and students will contribute their portion by contributing small amount of money every month after they work to achieve a sufficient salary. The cost being prepared by the foundation for the students is a non interest loan. The foundation also prepares the transit house free of charge for the students who are joining job training in Denpasar, Kuta, Nusa Dua, etc. This is the part of our philosophy and motto “we care, we share”. With some great values, and from the implementation of the concept, with a very confident we are able :

  1. To conduct the course continuously in every Academic Year with valuable collaborative participation from foundation, sponsors, and students.
  2. To stimulate the graduates’ social sensitivity and responsibility to help their juniors in order that we are able to help more people.
  3. To maintain the communication and co-operation between graduates for the mutual helps, especially in finding a place for job training or job vacancies.
  4. To keep the efficiency in operating the course for the best achievement by optimizing the available potencies.
  5. To create unity in the diversity among the graduates so they can work under the same vision and mission.
  6. To motivate the fairness, integrity, respect, and trust of all graduates to take part in keeping the course going.


The budget for similar course managed by other institutions around the area varies from IDR 10 – 25 million per package/person. Our foundation budgets IDR 10 million on total associated cost for the entire program of THAP. The partial percentage of sponsorship fee for a sponsor is allocated to be IDR 3,5 million (about AUD$350) per one student for a One Year Package of THAP. Options for sponsors include full scholarship, partial scholarship, or any other donation they might choose, it will ensure the THAP runs smoothly.