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House Building

Thousands of less fortunate families still sleep on the ground with bamboo walls leaking roofs, limited kitchen facility and no toilets or bathrooms. Families with 3 or 4 children or even with elderly members living with them, may sleep in the only one room available.

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With the philosophy of "helping others help themselves", Project Help renovates and builds houses with and for families that are dedicated to improving their lives through their own dedication and efforts. Full-funding, partial-funding, and varieties of interest-free loans have enabled 100s of families attain a better standard of living.

Non Interest Business Loan

Many families have no capital to start a home business or support any additional income opportunities. Most are unskilled laborers who work only for the food for each day. In addition to having difficulty educating their children, no savings can be made and thereby no insurance for emergency needs if something happens. Giving loans for pigs, cows, chickens, goats, or small capital for a home business with no interest is the way to stimulate and help people towards a future of culturally sensitive sustainable social and economic development.

Social Assistant and Medical Care

Daily needs and medical care are a big concern for families in need. Thousands of people live with no beds, forcing them to sleep on the ground. Lacking this basic need, especially for the elderly can lead to many health issues. Medical care is fundamental to the well-being of any family. The bedding fund endeavours to help with this.

Nothing could be more important than the health and welfare of children. PSPW works in close conjunction with Bali Kids a well-known and respected NGO from the south of Bali. Accessing our strong network, 100s of children receive ON-GOING medical checks throughout the year. On a rotational basis, PSPW organizes and supervises the checks that take place in the villages in an accessible, central location. General health checks are given, ears cleaned, teeth pulled and vitamins and medication for many minor ailments are dispensed. An educational component is also part of the program, emphasising, general hygiene, "stranger danger", and other specific topics.

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PSPW also works with other organizations to offer programs such as reading glasses distribution (Lions Club Canada) (In Focus Foundation) for elderly people. Cooking equipment and furniture or clothing are delivered after generous donations, as well.