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Disadvantaged situation for some families in Bali made a lot of students drop out from school because their parent finds it is difficult to afford their school expenses and no enough money to purchase students' supplies, etc...There are hundreds of students should leave their school because of economic reasons.

Though school is "officially free" in Indonesia, the reality of the situation is that there are thousands of children who drop out or don't attend school because their parents find it difficult or impossible to afford the real costs such as uniforms, books, school supplies, or other associated fees. Poverty in Bali is truly a barrier to education for all.

This core program ensures that yearly fees, uniforms (including shoes), books and school supplies are organized for each child that is sponsored. With a philosophy of helping those most in need, "groups" of students or children from certain schools are not favored. We currently have generous sponsors for children in over 100 schools in Buleleng Regency. Our staff visits EVERY school yearly to personally pay fees and organizes all uniforms and supplies with no cash being directly given to children or families. In this way, sponsor money is best utilized and carefully accounted for.