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Reading this, you are likely visiting our new website. We would like to welcome you to the site. We aim to expand the site bit by bit while keeping it as simple and straight-forward as possible. Feedback is always appreciated.

Firstly, we want to thank all of the sponsors and supporters / donors who have helped us and given their kind understanding during the transition period we have been going through. As you will have noted, the name of the foundation has changed to:

Peduli Sesama Philanthropic Work (PSPW)

Under: Aura Sukma Insani Foundation (ASIF)

While the name has changed, we are happy to report that the programs that have been started and built through the years, continue to move forward unchanged with the same dedication and success as always. As many of the sponsors who have visited can attest, the Bali Team is as dedicated and helpful as ever in facilitating visits and showing and explaining programs.

What hasn't been so smooth has been the communication and payment systems. We truly apologize for the confusion and ask for your understanding. With the new site and the new email, as well as an alternate email, there should never be an issue with not being able to contact the foundation.

We are trying our best to come up with cost-effective and simple ways for people to continue their sponsorships and make other contributions through some options of payment :

1. PayPal, through our sister foundation, The Do Foundation in the Netherlands. The Do Foundation is a solid organization that has worked with us since almost the very beginning. Frank Galestien and his team have been huge supporters of the foundation, outfitting the Learning Centre, fund-raising for the Function Centre Building and regularly contributing to running costs for the foundation. Rest assured. The funds are transferred from The Do Foundation on a regular basis with no deduction, much like they were transferred from the HFF in Australia for many years.

2. Direct Payment is an option more and more sponsors are using when and if they visit the foundation or their sponsored child. If you would like to make a cash donation or sponsorship payment at the foundation, it will be receipted on the spot or receipted through a scan and email format.

3. Money Transfer is a costlier, though safe method that some sponsors/donors/supporters prefer to use. If you would like to transfer directly to our bank account that we have just registered, please send to the account below:

We have established a new bank account to reflect the new name change of the foundation. Also, we have changed to a more internationally friendly bank.

Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) 1946 is one of the biggest established national banks in Indonesia with international links in many countries. For transactions and correspondence, it will give better service. If you want to transfer your donation please send to :

Beneficiary name : Peduli Sesama Philanthropic Work

Bank name : Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)

Swift Code : BNINIDJA

Account No : 8555555599

Bank Address : Jl. Ngurah Rai No. 48 Singaraja, Bali , Indonesia

4. Kangaroo Service

From various reports, KANGAROO SERVICE is a safe, cost effective way for Australian sponsors/donors/supporters to transfer funds. As explained below, Kangaroo is willing to waive transfer fees for any charity organization, of which we qualify!

Charity Specials

In a regular basis, kangaroo charges fee per beneficiaries, while they do not change exchange rates, they do change the fees depending on the amount transferred. The fee structures are figured to be $10 for the amount of up to $ 10.000, it is $ 20 for the amount from $10.000 to Up to $ 50.000 and it will be a charge of $ 50 for the amount of over $ 100.000.

But for a Charity Specials, the Kangaroo Service makes an exception. Kangaroo Service realized that a lot of people in Australia wish to donate to a charity in Indonesia but think that the transfer fee should be waived because it's a charity so that the 'needy' could feel the donation more.

Kangaroo Service will waive the transfer fee for any transfer orders for charity purposes. This offer is valid for transfer order to any organized charity in Indonesia including The Peduli Sesama Philanthropic Work.

Send Money to Indonesia

The following procedure is only valid once you have completed the registration with Kangaroo Service Pty Ltd. Registration can be done by downloading and filling the form from here. If you get the Registration Form Menu, please go to "To download INDIVIDUAL NON-BUSINESS registration form, please click here". The beneficiary's Detail can be performed as follows :

Full name : Peduli Sesama Philanthropic Work

Residential Address

Address : Jl. Srikandi Br. Babakan Gang Mawar

Suburb : Sambangan, Singaraja

State : Bali Post Code : 81161

Home Phone : +62 (0362) 25893

Mobile Phone : +62 0812 3807 620

Bank Account Detail

Bank Name : Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)

Account No. : 8555555599

City : Jl. Ngurah Rai No. 48 Singaraja.

Once completed please mail the completed form and other required documents to 4 Convent Ct Coburg North, VIC 3058. For more information on registration please contact Kangaroo Service on 61 3 9350 1100 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Steps of action to do :

1. Find out Today's Exchange Rate

  1. SMS "RATE" (Without quotation mark) to 61 402 521 376 or 61 425 813 751
  2. Email Kangaroo at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to ask today's rate
  3. View the latest rate on the website
  4. Or alternatively call us at 61 3 9350 1100

2. Deposit the Fund into one of Kangaroo Bank Accounts

Kangaroo Service has account in all 3 major Australian Banks. The account detail is as follows:



Acc No.

Account Name




Kangaroo Service Pty Ltd




Kangaroo Service Pty Ltd




Kangaroo Service Pty Ltd

Once the fund has been cleared into the account, kangaroo will begin the transfer process. All transfer orders submitted before 4pm Melbourne time, should be processed and made available on the same day.
3. Contact kangaroo to tell where the fund is going to be transferred to.

4. Deposit Receipt

Deposit Receipt from the Indonesian Bank will be emailed by representative Jakarta office to the registered email Address.

On to some NEWS!

As usual, time flies and as usual, it seems hard to believe that we are already at mid-semester for the first term of school! The Balinese school year starts in mid-July, but this year, with Idul Fitri, Galungan and Kuningan falling in the first half of the term, it seemed that the kids were off school a lot. With the Balinese calendar being on a 210 day cycle, this changes year by year.

We were really busy from about May until now, visiting the schools, paying school fees, ordering supplies and seeing that all of the sponsored kids were outfitted and ready for the school year to start. Because the foundation works on a basis of helping those most in need, sponsorships are not necessarily grouped by school nor area. In fact, we have sponsored kids in over 100 schools! Nyoman, John and team visit them all!


For PSPW, the new school year also means the start of the kindy school year and also the new intake of students for THAP (Tourism and Home Assistant Program). Though Nyoman and Dewi saw this need for a long time, having completed the second intake with graduation last June, it is more and more evident that this is an extremely valuable program. With 9 months of class training (At the Function Centre), and 3 months of practical training in hotels and restaurants, these students have a real opportunity to find good employment. So far, so good, as we are proud to say our graduates have been very successful.

Sponsorship and support takes many forms and we are so grateful for those who have supported us for a long time and welcome those that are coming on-board to join our programs.

A core program we have, as mentioned above, is children's educational sponsorship. If you would like to sponsor a child through our foundation, please contact us about the possibility. Our sponsorship costs are currently set at a flat rate of 140$ Australian, regardless of the age of the sponsored child. Please note that 100% of the donated dollars for children's sponsorship goes to the education of the children. No money is used for administration of this program! Where possible, we ask that sponsors try to commit to sponsoring their child through their school years. Depending on the age of your sponsored child, this may be several years.

An alternative sponsorship, though no less important, might be the sponsorship of a student in our THAP (Tourism and Home Assistant Program). We offer a full one year scholarship option of 3 million Rp, which is approximately 300$ Australian. We also offer a "partial scholarship" option of half that amount, 150$ Australian, or about the cost of one year of sponsoring a child in our educational sponsorship program. This is only a one year commitment which can be reviewed and continued year by year. This scholarship allows a deserving student to study and bridge the gap between high school and training for employment. Our THAP students are highly dedicated and committed and need support.



If you have some expertise in the hotel, restaurant, or tourism industries, or have a background in TEFL, we would welcome the chance to have you volunteer in this program. We are flexible and have some unique programs such as "restaurant simulation" in January and February. Even better, if you are in the area on a Saturday, you could be a "guest" at our simulated restaurant and enjoy a lunch and some hospitality! Just let us know if you are available during a January or February visit!

Part of the beauty of a grass-roots organization is the ability to respond to the needs of the community and network with other groups in Bali. We are very proud to work in close conjunction with Bali Kids.

Bali Kids have operated in the south of Bali for many years. When they needed a network to be able to bring their mobile medical services to North Bali, they contacted us. We have been running a successful Children's Mobile Medical Check Program with them in 6 villages/locations in our area for over a year. Through our network, each group receives 2 medical checks per year. Taking the check-up to the children and villages is key. Using a local community hall or school in each area, the children are able to walk or easily be transported to this free program. Bali Kids arrives complete with a doctor, nurse, dental professional and all necessary medical supplies. PSPW registers and issues an ID/medical card to each child and thereby ensures they are kept track of. General health checks are performed, many ears are cleaned and many teeth and pulled. Vitamins are dispensed and many skin rashes and simple infections are treated. This is an amazing program we are proud to be part of!

PSPW as the first resource has identified the rare sickness of Harlequin Ichtyosis suffered by 2 small boys and 2 adult in a remote village of Buleleng. Endless effort has being made in order to be able to help and finally we linked with a charity organization "Helping Children Heal (HCH)" and "Bali Kids" to explore more intensive help for these less fortunate boys.


On the last visit of Bali Kids in September 2012, they were traveling together with Sole Men ( website : ) an amazing group of people walking around Bali barefoot in support of those less fortunate. We teamed with them to visit a school and bring their inspirational message and journey to the community. And, yes, many ears were still cleaned and many teeth were still pulled!



PSPW is on FACEBOOK....For those of you who are members of Facebook, please visit our page for photos and news updates at

Bali, 18th October 2012

Peduli Sesama Philanthropic Work Team

Last Updated (Thursday, 18 October 2012 12:14)