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To keep up the continuous work we do in helping the less fortunate people in Bali; especially in Buleleng Regency, we would be so happy to have your assistance for :

Sponsorship Support

Within 10 years of service, we have been applying a flat scholarship fee for all students from all level of schools. Whether for kindergarten, primary schools, secondary or high schools the price was AUD$140, but due to the raise of all prices over the years and the different need of every student, we kindly inform that from now on the scholarship policy will be graded based on the school level, namely :

  1. Kindergarten and primary school level (pre-school and year 1 – year 6) cost AUD$150.
  2. Secondary school level (year 7 – year 9) costs AUD$170
  3. High School level (year 10 – year 12) costs AUD$200
  4. University / Diploma cost will be based on the budget policy of each institution.

Bed and Mattress

AUD$ 120 for donation of a package of one bed, one mattress, 2 pillows, 1 bolster, 1 bed sheet and blanket.

Food Parcel

  1. AUD$50 - $75 for a package of food parcel donation consist of bag of rice, spices, toiletries, coffee, sugar, etc
  2. AUD$ 450 for a one year donation on food parcel that is delivered on a monthly basis for the needy.
  3. Or any dollars $ …….based on sponsor’s request for certain stuff.


Furniture and kitchen equipment

  1. AUD$40 for a magic jar.
  2. AUD$35 for an electric iron.
  3. AUD$35 for a standing electric fan.
  4. AUD$40 for a small cupboard.
  5. AUD$50 for studying table and chairs.
  6. AUD$50 for a set of cooking equipments.
  7. AUD$95 for a set of bamboo guest chair that consists of 1 table, 2 chairs and 1 lounge
  8. AUD$75 for a big wardrobe.
  9. Or any dollars $ …….based on sponsor’s request for certain stuff.


Meal for Boarders

Any dollars $ ……… (from monthly expenses of AUD$1200 for supporting meal of our 35 boarders) who are boarded at our Boarding House.


Shampoo, Toothpaste, tooth brush, Soap, detergent, Hair lice treatment. Deodorant & Hair gel for our teenage kids, ladies sanitary napkins, etc for our 35 boarders who are boarded in our Boarding House

Christmas Gift, Birthday Present

You may choose one of the above lists as gift/present with specific arrangement.

General need

Any dollars that is donated to the foundation, that we call a "catch-all" the allows us the flexibility to respond to the needs of the community in carefully planned ways, but sometimes in sudden or opportunistic ways. General donations will be used to support a variety of worthwhile projects.



We welcome all donations and try our best to deliver items in a timely manner and to the best possible place and to those most in need. Donations of clothes, school supplies, teaching supplies (Teachers – please contact us before coming over!), reading glasses, medicine, wheel chairs, and other daily needs are all greatly appreciated.

Without generous sponsors we would never be able to continue nor maintain all of the programs and help for the community that is so desperately needed!

*Note : Your donation will be 100% for supporting the need of the less fortunate students or families without any administration fee*